What's New with FNP?

Do you want to learn about wellness and eating healthier?

Need some grocery shopping tips and new, easy, recipes?

We have free, easy-to-follow programs that will fit your schedule!

Classes are offered via telephone or Zoom.  After completing the program,

you will receive a bundle of items shipped to your home that will help you

with your new, healthier lifestyle! It includes cutting mats, a reusable

grocery bag, cookbook and more! For more information on how to sign up,

contact Deanna Heggen at 757-393-8839 or dheggen@vt.edu.

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What has Noel Hickman been up to in Portsmouth?

Virtual Zoom Lessons:  Noel is currently working with over 400 students in the City of Portsmouth Public Schools via Zoom. Contact her today to join the fun!

Short Term Options: Look out for Noel and other members of her FNP and 4-H Team at your local Food Banks, Public Housing events, feeding sites and more.

If you or your Organization is interested in partnering with the Youth Program Assistant in Portsmouth, please review the many options below:

        Virtual Option – Six comprehensive lessons (20 minute lessons via Zoom ) 

        Remote Option – Six Comprehensive Lessons (Pre-recorded lessons sent via email)

        In- Person Option – Six Comprehensive Lessons taught in person. This option includes              hands-on food demonstrations and recipe tasting.

        Short Term Option- One time lesson usually takes place at a public event or seminar